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Teen Driving Car Accidents in Roswell

Teen Driving Car Accidents in Roswell

Teenage drivers often lack crucial experience and, because of this, end up causing many accidents each year. If you were involved in a collision with an adolescent motorist, you might be able to pursue financial compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, you could potentially hold the teen driver, their parents, or their insurance company responsible.

Proceeding without legal representation can be difficult, but a diligent vehicle collision attorney could outline the best way to handle teen driving car accidents in Roswell.

What Makes Teen Drivers a Heightened Risk?

Teen drivers are a hazard to everyone else on the road due mainly to their lack of experience. These motorists might, unfortunately, be unable to appropriately react to sudden hazards or unique situations. An adolescent driver might also engage in careless behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Usage of drugs or alcohol while driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Updating social media
  • Watching movies or shows on streaming services
  • Interacting with friends and passengers in the car
  • Forgetting to check blind spots
  • Failing to yield to drivers with the right of way

Any of these actions could cause a collision that leaves other people with severe injuries. A loyal attorney in Roswell could investigate the cause of an accident to determine whether the teen driver was navigating carelessly.

Negligent Entrustment Claims and Teen Drivers

When an adolescent driver causes a crash, a negligent entrustment claim might become relevant. These legal actions seek to hold another party responsible for the teenager’s actions. In many cases this may be the child’s parents for putting them behind the wheel when they are not ready. It could also be the young person’s employer since teenagers often drive for delivery services.

A negligent entrustment claim is ideal, for example, when someone violates Georgia Code 40-5-122 by putting a driver who does not have a license behind the wheel. Additionally, if a teen driver has a history of reckless behavior, yet they are entrusted with a vehicle anyway, the individual who gave them the car may be responsible for the accident that occurs.

Elements of a Successful Claim

If a plaintiff hopes to successfully file a negligent entrustment claim, they must prove the following elements:

  • The person accused of entrusting the vehicle to the teen owned or controlled the vehicle
  • The teen was incompetent or unfit to safely drive the vehicle
  • The defendant had actual knowledge the person was unfit to safely drive the vehicle
  • The teen caused the car wreck as a result of their inability to drive safely

Verifying these elements can be difficult without experienced legal help. Fortunately, a well-practiced attorney in Roswell could help a plaintiff file this kind of claim and fight back against the teen driving accident.

Seek an Attorney After a Teen Driving Car Accident in Roswell

If a young and unproven driver caused the accident that left you with costly injuries, you likely have numerous options. A dedicated legal representative could protect your rights as an experienced driver by investigating the crash, determining the amount of compensation you deserve, and figuring out who needs to assume responsibility. To learn more about how to resolve teen driving car accidents in Roswell, call the office today.

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