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Texting While Driving Truck Accidents in Alpharetta

Texting While Driving Truck Accidents in Alpharetta

In an age where people are attached to their cellphones, texting while driving has become increasingly common. Sadly, many people do not hesitate to reach for their phone to check for a text, read an email, or search for something on Google while on the road. This careless behavior accounts for many auto accidents in Alpharetta, but when those involved are operating large vehicles like commercial trucks, the ensuing collisions can be even more catastrophic.

If you sustained injuries due to a texting while driving truck accident in Alpharetta, a diligent attorney may be able to help you recover some of your losses. Dedicated support from a truck accident lawyer could be the key to pursuing justice and compensation for your losses.

Phone Use Distracts Drivers in Multiple Ways

Phones are one of many distractions that could divert a driver from their duties on the road. However, texting behind the wheel is particularly dangerous because it draws attention away from three necessary driving abilities: visual, manual, and cognitive.

As a visual impairment, any phone notification or app usage requires a driver to look at their phone instead of at the road. This could have dangerous consequences, such as a driver failing to notice red light or a stopped car up ahead. Additionally, texting is a manual distraction because a driver needs to use one or both hands to type, which means that they must take their hands off the wheel. Texting also impairs cognitive abilities because reading or responding to a message often takes mental focus away from the road.

Risks of Phone Use for Truck Operators

When the driver of any motor vehicle texts, they can cause serious accidents. The risk of severe damage is magnified when the driver is operating a large truck. Because tractor-trailers are much larger than most passenger cars, the passengers of the smaller vehicle could be seriously impacted by a collision. A commercial truck could crush a small sedan, causing grave injuries or even fatalities to the people inside.

Texting While Driving is Illegal in Alpharetta

Because texting while driving is so dangerous, the state of Georgia enacted legislation to try to curb the problem. According to Georgia Code § 40-6-241, using a cellphone to text, email, instant message, or surf the internet is forbidden while operating a vehicle unless it is done in a hands-free manner. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which applies to many commercial truckers, also directly bans any form of texting while driving.

If a truck driver is caught in the act of texting by police, they could face stiff federal and state penalties. However, even if they do not receive a police citation for texting immediately after the crash, a skilled local attorney could help prove the negligent behavior of the trucker. A dedicated legal team could thoroughly interview any outside witnesses and passengers involved to obtain testimony that the truck operator used their cellphone or looked down, which could be indicative of texting. If there is no clear evidence of texting from the witnesses, a savvy legal professional might also seek access to the trucker's cellphone records to check if the driver was texting when the collision occurred.

Consult an Alpharetta Attorney on Claims for Texting While Driving Truck Accidents

If you were hit by a tractor-trailer driver who you suspect was texting, they may be held liable for your injuries. An attorney with experience handling texting while driving truck accidents in Alpharetta could help you pursue legal damages against the driver, trucking company, and any other third party that contributed to the collision. Call our office today to discuss what may be possible for your circumstances

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