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The Real Share in Rideshare

Rideshare companies, in addition to public transit, are paving the way for the elimination of personal vehicles altogether. Rideshare company Lyft recently introduced a subscription program for its customers. For $299 a month, subscribers to Lyft’s all-access plan get 30 private and shared rides up to $15. If the rides end up costing more than $15, the subscribers must pay the difference in price.

One of Lyft’s primary competitors, Uber, is also testing a subscription plan called Uber Plus. But the company has not expanded that service; it is only available in Boston, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. With Uber Plus, subscribers pay up front for a month of reduced fare prices. Payments, for example, can be as low as $20 for a package of 20 to 40 trips.

These new subscription plans appear to be targeting people who use the rideshare service for regular commuting, or in place of having a personal vehicle. In a recent company statement, Lyft said: “as more affordable and convenient commuting options become available, people will need their cars less and our relationship with transportation will change.” With rideshare companies marketing all-access plans, and with the further development of public transit systems such as MARTA, many of those living and/or working in the Metro Atlanta area might find it unnecessary to have their own vehicle.

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