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Tips For Sharing The Road With Large Trucks

Tips For Sharing The Road With Large Trucks

It is very common for people to feel anxious when driving next to or behind large trucks. It is estimated that there are on average 6,000 truck accidents in Georgia alone each year. Among the 6,000 accidents, almost 300 of them result in fatalities. The statistics are scary, but that is why we have compiled some tips to help you stay safe on the road with trucks. The best advice we can give is to be patient and aware. It’s easy to get annoyed with slow trucks when you’re in a rush to get somewhere, but it’s best to avoid getting into an accident and drive patiently. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable driving on the road with big trucks.

  • Keep your distance: Don’t follow closely behind a truck because it makes it difficult for you to see what’s ahead on the road and the truck driver won’t be able to see you. Also, don’t stop or break suddenly while driving in front of a truck because they will be unable to stop quickly.
  • Be Alert: The majority of accidents involving a truck and car occur on highways and rural areas. We encourage you to be alert when driving near large trucks and eliminate any distractions and stay focused.
  • Be Aware of a truck’s blind spots: Trucks have many blind spots since they are so large. Even with mirrors blind spots are avoidable. Never assume that the driver can see you because odds are, they can’t. If you are ever caught behind a truck, don’t be so quick to pass them. Give yourself some distance so you can see what’s ahead of them and to your sides.
  • Allow more time: When you decide to change lanes its best to put your turn signal earlier, so you give the truck drivers time to slow down and notice you.
  • Watch for wide turns: Larger trucks tend to take wider turns so make sure to give them enough room to turn. If they are making a narrow turn truck driver tend to swing left or right to give themselves more room, so avoid passing them at this point.

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