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Traffic deaths jump 14% in 2015… Why? 

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According to the National Safety Council, traffic fatalities are up 14% so far in 2015.

There were more than 18,600 motor-vehicle deaths from during January through June this year, as compared to 16,400 deaths in the first six months of 2014.

That makes this year on track to be the deadliest for drivers since 2007. The estimated cost of the deaths, injuries and property damage related to the crashes is $152 billion–that’s up 24% from the same period of 2014.

Everyone is asking: Why are there more accidents?

Possible Reasons:

1. Gas is cheaper this year than in years past and that means people are driving more;

2. More people seem to be working, i.e., more cars on the road.

3. Cell phone use is up and texting and driving is up; more cars on the road means more interaction between vehicles.

4. Strangely, a lot of serious and fatal injuries lately due to non-seat belt use.

Very fixable, but the results, very fatal. Please drive safe. Drive smart.