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Update: Georgia Drivers Who Got Their License Without Road Test Will Have Until September 30th, 2020 To Take It

Update: Georgia Drivers Who Got Their License Without Road Test Will Have Until September 30th, 2020 To Take It

On May 12th, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp surprised us all by addressing the public that everyone who got their license without a road test, will be required to take a road test. Previously, Kemp issued an executive order to temporarily suspend previously mandatory road tests to get a license. The order was signed on April 23, 2020 and waived the requirement of automobile road tests until the State of Emergency is lifted.

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Kemp says that the plan all along was to have individuals take the road test before the September 30th, 2020 deadline. There has been over 20,000 Georgians who received their license WITHOUT taking a road test that will now be required by the state to complete by the set deadline. Governor Kemp released a statement saying, “Anybody that has gotten a driver's license that hasn't taken the test - even though they met the criteria of so many hours on the road, and been to driving school, or had your parents verify that - they're still going to have to come back and take the driver's test." Kemp had gotten backlash and questions from concerned citizens which sparked his decision to address the public and make the road test a requirement again.

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