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What is Statute of Limitations?

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Do you know time is running out to make a claim? The statute of limitations sets the maximum time after an event or in this case, accident that legal proceeding actions may take place. Specifically, in Georgia, the law states that there is a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases. Time limits have been set to ensure that evidence is being used properly and to further prevent individuals from filing lawsuits years and years after an event initially happened. So, if you have been injured in an accident you have two years from the date in which the incident took place to file a claim. If two years passes and no claim has been initiated, aside from limited exceptions, it cannot be filed.

It is best to find an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer that you trust immediately after you’ve injured in a car or motorcycle accident. Trained lawyers are able to provide you with accurate and expertise information that will help direct your case in the best way possible. It is best to take action sooner rather than later in an event of a personal injury case.