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What is Telemedicine? Getting Medical Treatment During the Coronavirus Outbreak

What is Telemedicine? Getting Medical Treatment During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Telemedicine is a new way to use modern technology by continuing to have doctors’ appointments during the Coronavirus outbreak we are experiencing.  Telemedicine is when a medical provider cares for patients remotely without being physically present with one another.  This has enabled providers to consult patients through video conferencing tools that are HIPAA complaint. Doctors believe that during this time, telemedicine is a cautious way to avoid spreading the disease.

In President Trump's latest speech, he describes this technological form of receiving medical care as “a fairly new and incredible thing that’s happened in the not-so-distant past,” and additionally states “what they’ve done with telehealth is incredible.” Trump added that our government will intentionally wave any federal rules in order to assure that medical providers feel comfortable using this method as a communication tool between them and their patients. Taking the proper precautions to ensure the safety and health of the masses is the number one goal during this difficult time. Luckily, telemedicine is here to provide people with the proper medical attention they deserve. For people who are recovering after an accident, although certain procedures will not be able to be provided via telemedicine, patients can at least get medical advice and documentation of their symptoms through these challenging times. Reach out to our team to learn more.

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