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Will an Accident Raise My Insurance Rates?

Will an Accident Raise My Insurance Rates?

The fear of increased insurance premiums causes many people to avoid making claims to their policy after a car accident. The common misconception is that if you do, your rates will go up. However, this is only true if you are responsible for causing the accident.

Georgia’s O.C.G.A. § 33-9-40 states, “No insurer shall surcharge the premium or rate charged on a policy of motor vehicle insurance or cancel such policy as a result of the insured person’s involvement in a multivehicle accident when such person was not at fault in such accident.” This means insurance companies cannot raise your insurance rate if you did not cause the accident. If you have insurance, consult our attorneys on using your policy and taking full advantage of your benefits.

What if the At-Fault Party is Not Insured?

Insurance companies offer Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) policies to cover you in case you are in an accident involving an uninsured driver. As stated previously, your insurance rates will not go up if you file a claim for a collision involving an uninsured driver as long as you are not at fault.

Other Factors that can Raise Insurance Rates

Although insurers are not allowed to raise rates after an accident you are not at fault for, there are other reasons why insurance premiums steadily rise each year. Georgia’s average car insurance rate is higher than the national average due to various factors:

  • More people are driving each year in Georgia, which results in more accidents and insurance payouts each year.
  • Cars are becoming more expensive to repair due to the new technology in them.
  • Since insurance prices keep rising, more people are taking the risk of driving without insurance. The cost of uninsured drivers is paid for by increasing insurance premiums.

Contact an Attorney for Help with Accident Insurance Claims

After you have been in a traffic crash, it is likely that an insurance adjuster will reach out to you to find out the cause of the accident. They will ask you questions to determine liability and how much money should be paid in damages. However, these questions are often worded to “trick” you, and answering without legal representation may hurt your chances of getting compensation.

Contact us today to avoid being duped by insurance adjusters and to learn more about filing policy claims for traffic accidents. Our knowledgeable attorneys could provide further information and help you with the process of recovering compensation.

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert - Owner & Attorney

Attorney Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert was seriously injured in a collision and experienced firsthand dealing with uncooperative insurance companies. She knows what it is like to feel overwhelmed and under-educated about your rights after a collision. That is why she has dedicated this firm to fighting for accident victims and their loved ones. The goal of The Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore LLC is to provide you with excellent legal advice, based on our experience in representing injured automobile drivers and passengers from all across the State of Georgia.

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