An Award
Winning Team!

Why Personal Injury?

Dealing with my own personal injury claim from an automobile collision that I was in, sparked a passion in me to want to help as many people as I can through this process.

Many people believe that insurance companies have their best interest at heart, but end-up getting a rude awakening when they try and handle their claim on their own. The last thing someone wants to do is to have to deal with an insurance company when they are injured. I love being able to take this burden from people.

I will never get tired of calling a client and telling them that their claim has resolved. That they do not have to worry about those expensive medical bills any longer. That they are getting what they justly deserve!

It is a true blessing to be able to defend the injured every day. It is the most rewarding job I have ever taken. From minors to adults, dog-bites, slip-n-falls, and car wrecks, everyday I’m able to ring the bell for the people. I would not want to be doing anything else.

Fostering Relationships With Clients

There are no two cases that are the same. Every case is different and requires individual attention and detail.

Many people have never been in accident or injured in such a way that would require an Attorney. They really do not know what questions to ask. So, it is important to know what questions and follow-up questions to ask and when to ask them. Having been injured and gone through this process myself, has given me that insight as the injured and not just as the Attorney.

It is also essential to keep an open line of communication with the clients. This allows us to properly build and maintain the strength of their case. Therefore, it is especially important to find the clients preferred method of communication.

People contact us when they have just gone through some of the worst moments of their life. That’s why it is extremely important to establish a relationship with our clients from the very beginning. It is a great responsibility and privilege to be able to be the legal voice for an injured person. It’s is an honor that I will always cherish.

The Best Part of Working With The Firm?

Our firm culture. Being able to work with likeminded, goal-oriented, driven people.
At our firm, there is not just one set of eyes on a case. Every member of the firm has their eyes on every single case that comes through the door. Every team member plays a vital role. In my opinion, this is the key component in providing such unprecedented service.

How Our Firm Is Different?

That we are not afraid to embrace technology. So many firms are afraid of technology. They are paper-heavy and unorganized. We are 100% paperless and virtual. This has allowed us to be able to provide continued top-of the line service to our clients under any condition. Including a pandemic.

Prior Experience

I first started my legal career as a Judicial Law Clerk in Forsyth County, Georgia. During this time, I worked for 6 Judges drafting judicial orders, preparing legal memorandums, and organizing bench books with up-to-date case law. From the very beginning, I had the opportunity to observe countless trials, day in and day out. Here is where I learned strategy, presentation, and fearlessness. It was also during this time where I was given the opportunity of creating the judicial guide for Abandoned Vessels that were common on Lake Lanier.

The next leg in my legal journey was in the position of a criminal research analyst for a large cyber risk management company. It was my responsibility to dig deep into personnel records and files, look for discrepancies, and evidence of illegal activity. My most memorable day was when my work prevented a convicted child molester from submitting counterfeit documents in an attempt to become an elementary school teacher. The research and investigation training that I obtained during this time are skills that I use daily.

It was only one month after graduating law school that my journey would be forever changed. Only one month before the bar exam and one month out of law school, I was in a severe car accident. It was then that I decided to take on the insurance company myself. It was here where I learned firsthand the importance of managing a personal injury case. It was here where I learned that you are never in good hand with these companies. Our entire lives we pay these insurance companies with the promise that they will take care of us in our most vulnerable times, only to find out that these companies are in the business of only making money and not in the business putting victims and the injured first. I now had a personal calling to help and protect other victims and injured people navigate their way through the insurance process.
Yearning to learn more and gain a proper mentor, I next took a position as a law clerk to an Atlanta, Georgia law firm that only focused on personal injury cases. Here I was able to see the entire process through the eyes of a top Litigation Attorney. I worked my way through every position in a personal injury case. From investigation, evidence gathering, case management, demand drafting, and negotiating I made sure I knew and understood every position.