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Roswell Bus Accident Lawyer

Traffic collisions involving buses can have devastating consequences. Whether it is extensive property damage or severe physical injuries, the costs of recovering from a bus crash can be substantial.

If you or a family member was recently injured in a crash with a public or commercial bus, consult an experienced personal injury attorney on pursuing financial compensation. A Roswell bus accident lawyer could advise you on who may be held accountable for your losses.

What Types of Bus Accident Claims are There?

There are several different types of bus accident claims, depending on the vehicle that was involved in the traffic collision. Some of the most common civil suits for bus crashes in Roswell involve the following:

  • School buses
  • Privately-owned bus lines (e.g., Greyhound)
  • Airport transportation shuttles
  • Tour buses
  • Buses used for public transport (e.g., MARTA buses)
  • Charter buses

The type of vehicle or entity involved in a bus accident will affect the legal proceedings in pursuing compensation. As such, it is best to speak to an attorney with experience handling bus collision claims in Roswell before pursuing a civil case. A skilled lawyer could help devise an effective strategy for the circumstances.

Common Causes of Bus Collisions in Roswell

The specific cause of a wreck involving public or commercial transportation may impact who can be held liable and what damages are available to victims. Frequent causes of bus accidents in the Roswell area include the following:

  • Motorist error (i.e., negligence of bus driver or other motorists)
  • Failure to properly stop or yield
  • Speeding
  • Failure to perform adequate vehicle maintenance
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Inclement weather
  • Poor road conditions

A dedicated attorney in the area could investigate the site of a bus crash to determine the facts of the event, gather evidence, and build a strong civil case.

How is Fault Determined for Bus Wrecks?

Based on the cause of the collision, a bus accident claim could name multiple defendants, such as the driver, bus company, vehicle mechanic, or manufacturer. However, if a judge or jury finds an injured victim partially responsible for causing the accident, their potential damages award could be significantly reduced according to their percentage of the blame.

Under § 51-12-33(g) of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, an injured victim may be barred from recovering anything at all if they are found 50 percent or more at fault. If a bus accident victim believes they may be potentially at-fault for their injuries, they are strongly encouraged to obtain legal representation when pursuing their civil claim.

Call a Skilled Roswell Bus Accident Attorney for Legal Advocacy

Among traffic accidents, collisions involving large buses are some of the most dangerous. These vehicles can cause catastrophic bodily injuries and costly property damage to everything in their path.

If you or loved one was severely injured in a recent bus crash, do not delay in seeking legal assistance to help pursue the compensation you need. A Roswell bus accident lawyer could assess the viability of your claim and guide you through every step of the path to recovery. Call today to set up an initial consultation about your circumstances.

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