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UPS Truck Accidents in Roswell

Most of us are familiar with the United Parcel Services’ delivery service trucks. These brown vans navigate countless neighborhoods daily. If you are involved in a crash with a UPS vehicle, things could become complicated. Because UPS is a large company, an opposing legal team might fight to limit your options.

Therefore, an experienced lawyer could be a crucial asset if you were injured in a UPS truck accident in Roswell. An adaptable tractor-trailer crash attorney could help you claim economic damages for your injuries and setbacks.

Are UPS Drivers Responsible for Delivery Truck Accidents?

Many commercial transport companies use independent contractors to drive their vehicles. Doing so often provides the business with some protection from liability in the case of an accident. Although this tactic does not allow companies to shield themselves completely, it does complicate a plaintiff’s options for pursuing damages.

However, the United Parcel Service does not hire independent contractors. Instead, UPS considers its drivers direct employees of the company. This means an injured plaintiff could hold the UPS corporation liable for any accidents caused by their delivery trucks.

The agency utilizes a fleet of tractor-trailers, cargo vans, cars, and bicycles in its daily operations. The company insures its vehicles and drivers with a generous policy. The organization often tiers coverage, so the amount of insurance available in a specific accident depends on the type of vehicle involved. However, the minimum coverage in a crash with a cargo van or tractor-trailer is usually $1,000,000.

This generous policy could provide a plaintiff with substantial economic damages in the event of a crash. A seasoned attorney in Roswell understands that UPS drivers classify as direct employees and could help a plaintiff take advantage of the available coverage after a delivery truck accident.

How to Prove That a UPS Truck Driver Acted Negligently

The United Parcel Services’ business model stresses efficiency, so delivery drivers might feel considerable pressure to complete their routes within a certain time. This urgency could lead to unnecessary accidents caused by negligent behavior. Proving UPS’ carelessness is an essential part of the claims process for delivery truck accidents.

Fortunately, UPS trucks have “black boxes” that record important data about the truck’s operation. The black box will provide information about the vehicle’s speed, braking, weight, and other statistics that could help a plaintiff determine how an accident happened. A savvy attorney could subpoena this black box data and review it for evidence of driver negligence.

Meanwhile, if the police came to the accident scene, their report might contain evidence about a UPS driver’s reckless conduct. Crash scene photos, vehicle damage, and witness statements might help a resourceful lawyer in Roswell conclude what happened and prove who is responsible for the UPS truck accident.

Could a Plaintiff’s Negligence Impact Damages in a UPS Truck Crash Case?

Because the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-11-7 establishes the concept of comparative fault, a claimant might not be able to collect 100 percent of the lawsuit’s damages in some accident cases involving UPS trucks. According to this statute, an injured person who bears some responsibility for a wreck can only collect damages related to the percent of the crash they did not cause.

The more liability a plaintiff recovering from a UPS crash can assign to a defendant, the more damages they can collect. If a claimant can conclude that the UPS driver is more than 50 percent responsible for the delivery truck accident, state law says the defendant cannot collect any financial compensation.

During pretrial negotiations, a UPS employer’s lawyer might aggressively assert that the injured person is responsible for their own injuries. However, a plaintiff’s attorney could work hard to convince a judge that the delivery driver caused a crash. A tenacious lawyer in Roswell could fight to preserve a claimant’s integrity after a severe UPS truck accident.

Call an Attorney about UPS Truck Accidents in Roswell

If you were hurt by one of the United Parcel Service’s delivery vehicles, navigating the legal proceedings alone could become problematic. UPS truck accidents in Roswell are best handled with the assistance of someone who could stand by you and represent your best interests.

Fortunately, a local lawyer could help you build your case against the UPS delivery company and hold them accountable for their driver’s negligence. Contact us today to get started on your case.

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