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Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Alpharetta

Driving with distractions is the most common cause of severe car accidents countrywide. With the prevalence of cellphones, there are more potential distractions for motorists now than ever before.

When a distracted driver causes an accident, an injured victim could work with a dedicated attorney to hold the negligent party accountable for damages. If you were harmed by a careless driver, contact a lawyer experienced in handling distracted driving car accidents in Alpharetta.

Most Common Distractions Leading to Car Crashes in Alpharetta

There are many things that could distract motorists while behind the wheel. Some of the most common accident-causing distractions include:

  • Texting or using a cell phone
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Using the GPS
  • Talking to other passengers in the car
  • Eating or drinking
  • Personal grooming
  • Reaching for items in the vehicle
  • Rubbernecking

An attorney experienced at handling car crashes in the area could investigate the situation for evidence of distraction by the other driver.

What to Do after a Collision with a Distracted Driver

Drivers can take every safety precaution and remain focused while on the road, but they cannot control what other motorists do behind the wheel. After an accident with a distracted driver, there are essential steps to take.

Move Vehicle to a Safe Location

Unless there are severe injuries or significant vehicle damage, the drivers should try to move to a safe location after a crash.

Always Report the Accident to the Police

Sometimes, when the accident is not severe, drivers will decide not to contact the police. However, this can be a critical mistake. The police officer is responsible for investigating and completing an accident report, which could be essential to prove liability for damage recovery.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

Always exchange all essential information with the other driver, such as insurance and contact information.

Take Photos and Collect Evidence

Observe the scene, take photos, talk to witnesses, and collect any information that could help prove the other motorist was driving with distractions.

Report the Collision to Insurance Company Right Away

Motorists should always call their insurance companies right away to report the accident.

Contact an Attorney

To prove liability and build a strong case for recovery, it is crucial to contact a skilled Alpharetta lawyer after a collision with an unfocused driver.

State Distracted Driving Statute

Driving with distractions is hazardous. Because of this, the state has legislation in place to prevent unfocused driving. Under the Georgia Code § 40-6-241, drivers must exercise caution while behind the wheel and refrain from driving with distractions. Motorists must not:

  • Use wireless communication devices without an earpiece or headphones
  • Send text messages
  • Watch videos
  • Record or make videos while they are driving
  • Use any device that requires more than one button to activate or end the call

If officers see a driver operating a motor vehicle with distractions, they will ticket the driver. A first offense is $50, a second is $100, and a third offense of distracted driving is $150.

Meet with an Alpharetta Attorney After a Distracted Driving Collision

If a distracted driver causes you to get in an accident and suffer injuries, you should contact a skilled legal professional right away. When a careless motorist causes damages, you have legal options for holding them accountable.

Speak with an attorney experienced in handling distracted driving car accidents in Alpharetta. Our legal team could review your situation and help determine an appropriate plan of action, so give us a call today.