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Taxi Accidents in Alpharetta

Car crashes are stressful in any circumstance, especially if you become injured. Unfortunately, getting into a wreck with a taxi or being hurt while riding as a passenger in a cab could add an additional layer of red tape that complicates the process of collecting financial compensation.

If you were involved in a taxi accident in Alpharetta and sustained injuries, you deserve reasonable monetary damages. A local vehicle collision attorney could help you achieve an appropriate settlement or take your case to court.

What to Do After a Taxi Accident

Generally speaking, the guilty party’s insurance company pays the damages of anyone who was injured in a vehicle accident. Anyone who suffered losses in a crash involving a taxi should take steps to ensure there is a clear record of what occurred.

First, a plaintiff could start by calling the police. A law enforcement report will provide insurance adjusters with important information, including the name and license number of the taxi driver, evidence collected from any witnesses, the identity of the cab owner if it is not a driver, and other critical details. The responding officers might assign fault for the accident based on the information available at the scene.

Additionally, a claimant should medical care right away, even if injuries appear to be minor. A medical record generated soon after a crash provides valuable evidence about a victim’s condition and could support a later claim for damages. Conversely, when someone involved in a cab wreck does not seek prompt medical care, a defendant’s representation might try to argue that the plaintiff’s injuries are not that serious.

Finally, an injured plaintiff should seek representation. A dedicated attorney in Alpharetta could help collect evidence about the taxi accident to strengthen their client’s case.

Establishing Liability After a Taxi Accident

If another driver was clearly responsible for an accident involving a taxicab, settling the claim could be a relatively straightforward process. If the at-fault driver’s insurance is inadequate to cover an injured person’s damages, a wounded claimant could seek coverage from other parties whose negligence might have contributed to the taxi wreck. They also could bring a personal injury lawsuit against the reckless cab driver.

When a taxi driver directly caused an accident, there could be issues with determining exactly whose insurance needs to pay for resulting losses. If a taxi company employed the driver, the corporation needs to assume responsibility for their employee’s negligent acts.

If the driver was an independent contractor, the company might direct an injured passenger to file claim against the cab operator’s own personal insurance. A knowledgeable lawyer in Alpharetta could help a confused and injured plaintiff determine exactly which party their cab accident claim should target.

Available Damages in Taxi Collision Cases

In order to collect compensation after being involved in a crash with a cab, a plaintiff needs to concretely prove that they suffered injuries. After accomplishing this, they can usually move on to the process of collecting financial compensation. In taxi wreck cases, there are different forms of monetary damages that a judge might award.

Economic damages, sometimes called special damages, usually have a fixed or easily estimable cost. These reimbursements usually provide repayment for medical costs, lost income, and other similar expenses. A claimant could prove that they deserve economic damages by implementing invoices, receipts, and other documentation that discusses the losses they suffered.

Meanwhile, non-economic or general damages are more subjective. An injured person might receive general damages to compensate for their inconvenience, emotional trauma, physical pain, disability, and similar detriments to their quality of life. A seasoned attorney in Alpharetta could present medical records and statements from friends, family members, and the injured person demonstrating how their life was impacted by the taxi accident in question.

In some cab collision cases, a plaintiff might be entitled to pursue punitive compensation. These damages are available if the conduct that caused the accident was outrageous, intentional, grossly negligent, or deserving of punishment according to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-12-5.1(b).

Rely on a Seasoned Attorney for Help with Taxi Accidents in Alpharetta

If a taxi accident in Alpharetta left you with injuries, you should not handle the complicated process of pursuing compensation on your own. An attorney could be a big help in sorting out who is responsible for your damages and ensuring that you receive a reasonable settlement.

The sooner you retain a hardworking advocate, the more likely they could resolve your case quickly. Reach out to the office today to schedule your initial consultation.