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FedEx Truck Accidents in Alpharetta

As one of the biggest ground-based shipping companies in the United States, FedEx plays an essential role in Georgia’s economy, as well as that of virtually every other state. However, just because this company is important does not mean it is perfect—especially since they often outsource delivery routes to independent contractors, many of whom do not drive as safely as they should.

Any wreck involving a commercial vehicle can result in significant injuries and financial losses, but those involving FedEx trucks can make for especially complex civil cases. Assistance from an Alpharetta truck accident lawyer could greatly increase your chances of a favorable case resolution following a serious FedEx truck accident in Alpharetta.

Proving a FedEx Driver Liable for a Truck Wreck

FedEx Truck Accidents in Alpharetta

While full-time employees of FedEx Ground are generally safe and dependable drivers, the same cannot always be said for the many independent contractors that FedEx works with. While the FedEx company can still be held liable for the actions of an independent contractor working on their behalf, proving causation of an accident can be a bit tricky in many situations.

Typically, the legal doctrine of respondeat superior allows a company to be held liable for the negligence of an employee, if that negligence occurs during the performance of job-related duties. However, since most FedEx drivers are independent contractors, this doctrine does not apply, meaning a driver may be solely liable for certain types of negligence such as speeding or running a red light.

Under very specific circumstances, though, FedEx could conceivably bear partial liability for an independent contractor’s accident. For example, if FedEx failed to perform a thorough background check on a driver with a history of driving under the influence (DUI), they could bear liability if that driver later caused an accident because they were driving while drunk. A seasoned attorney could explain in further detail how liability might be determined in a particular FedEx truck accident case in Alpharetta.

Other Unique Aspects of FedEx Truck Accidents

Beyond establishing liability, truck accident claims are complicated in numerous ways that car accident cases usually are not. Some of these ways can make it easier for plaintiffs to recover compensation—for instance, a commercial truck’s “black box” often stores a great deal of data that can help prove what happened during a crash and who was at fault for it, and juries are often much more willing to award more compensation to an injured plaintiff if the defendant is a large trucking company instead of a single negligent driver.

However, the information necessary to prove fault for a FedEx truck crash in Alpharetta is not always easy to collect and preserve, and various trucking-specific safety regulations often play into these cases that the average car accident lawyer may not be familiar with. In order to maximize chances of recovery, it is almost always crucial to seek help from an FedEx accident lawyer who has handled these kinds of claims before and knows how to structure them in favor of an injured plaintiff.

Learn More About Alpharetta FedEx Truck Crash Cases

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert,  Truck Accident Attorney
Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, FedEx Truck Accident Lawyer

Filing suit against a company as large as FedEx is something that no injured individual should have to go through alone. The financial resources that FedEx can dedicate to litigation—not to mention the role that independent contractors play in their business model—can make it difficult for any accident victim to recover compensation without help from experienced legal counsel.

A conversation with a seasoned Alpharetta personal injury lawyer could give you answers to any questions you have about FedEx truck accidents in Alpharetta and give you a clear picture of your legal rights and options for pursuing civil compensation. Call today to start discussing your potential case.