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Alpharetta Car Accidents Involving Cell Phones

Alpharetta Car Accidents Involving Cell Phones

As defined by Alpharetta law, the local rule for using a cell phone has changed as of  July 2018. The Georgia legislature approved a bill called the Hands-free Georgia Act, and this essentially requires people to not use their cell phones while on the road.

Law enforcement is cracking down on people taking photos in cars while driving, videos, and using their phone when they are stopped. People can use hands-free technology like Bluetooth or headphones, and they are still allowed to use their GPS on their phone, but it needs to be secured in a way in which they do not have to hold the device in their hands.

If you or a loved one were involved in an Alpharetta car accident involving cellphones, a knowledgeable attorney could help your case. A knowledgeable car accident attorney could investigate the cause of the collision and help you hold the negligent driver accountable for their actions.

Regulations Regarding the Use of Cell Phones

People can use their phone when they are parked. They can call 911 in the event of an emergency. They can use their radio. They can use their GPS or the app on their phone for GPS, but they cannot hold their phone.

They would have it in a hands-free device that they put on the window of their dashboard or on a vent, such as their air conditioning vent. We give those to our clients. They can use Siri, and they can use Bluetooth. If they have their phone, connecting it to Bluetooth in their car is still acceptable.

Laws applied to Novice Drivers

Cellphone laws are usually the same for novice drivers or seasoned drivers. They do not want anyone using a phone. If they are using a phone as a novice driver, they are more likely to get their license suspended.

Determining Liability for a Collision

If the defendant is on their cell phone and they are ticketed, and it is proven, they are going to contribute the cell phone use most likely as part of the reason why they caused the accident. That only further makes them more guilty for causing the accident if they are also violating the cellphone law.

If they caused a serious accident in which they killed somebody, or they caused serious injury to somebody, that is going to be a factor that is weighed heavily in terms of pure negligence. There will be higher damages from a jury because the accident could have been prevented if the defendant was not on their phone.

What Type of Evidence Will Need to Be Obtained in a Car Accident Claim Involving a Cell Phone?

Often, if a defendant has been accused of using their cell phone during the accident, there is someone who has witnessed the offense.

A seasoned car accident attorney get a record of their cellphone, text messages, and data use, and we can see if that was true at the time of the wreck. If it is a more serious accident, that evidence is going to be presented to the jury as the cause of the wreck.

Reach out to a Car Accident Attorney for Help

Car accidents can cause severe injuries and damages to those involved. Often, motor vehicle collisions could be prevented if a driver was not distracted by their cell phones. There are many Alpharetta car accidents involving cell phone use. If a motorist is found to be on their phone during the accident, they could be held liable for damages.

Call today to learn about your options to hold a negligent driver accountable for their actions.

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