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Drowsy Driving Prevention Week… 

poster with a woman sleeping in a car and a sign that reads Drowsy driving

In case you were too drowsy last week and missed it (yes, pun intended), last week was SADD’s “Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. It is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that 100,000  reported crashes each year are caused primarily by drowsy driving and that such crashes result in more than 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries. Also, according to National Sleep Foundation surveys, half of American adults consistently report that they have driven drowsy and about 20% admit that they have actually fallen asleep at the wheel in the previous year.

To Prevent Drowsy Driving:

  • If you have a licensed passenger, exchange seats with them. Even if you don’t like to be the rider, this is a much safer option!
  • When driving alone, stop for a short nap. You don’t have to find a hotel and stay the night, but a brief 30 minute nap in a safe parking lot beats having an accident on your journey!
  • Drinking caffeine can help you stay alert if you are almost to your destination. Drink some coffee so you don’t get drowsy.
  • Know if you are at an increased risk: Night shift workers, teens, those with sleep disorders and truckers are those who are perpetually sleep deprived are at highest risk!

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