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How To Handle Children At Home While Injured During COVID-19

How To Handle Children At Home While Injured During COVID-19

This can be a difficult time for you and your family because of all the uncertainty associated with Coronavirus. Our legal team has prepared a guide to help create a normal routine during quarantine. With a parent or guardian being injured during this time things may seem more impossible, but this guide will help you have control and navigate your family’s lives during this time.

Setup Structure:

Structure is the key to create a stable environment during this uncertain time. It’s a good idea to create a daily schedule to keep you on a healthy routine. If you are an injured parent or guardian, it’s important for yourself and family to create an everyday routine. Involve your kids or other family members in creating a daily plan, so they can participate in creating a schedule they like. We suggest:

  • Maintaining a normal sleep schedule
  • Wake up early and don’t sleep in
  • Start off the day by getting things done
  • Take your prescribed medicine to keep your body healthy
  • Keep the same mealtimes you would any other day
  • Try to move around as much as possible so your body doesn’t become immobile
  • Encourage other activities other than screen time. Some ideas include reading, painting/drawing, cleaning, and cooking.

Keep Moving

Don’t sit around and watch Netflix all day! It’s important for your health to stay active with your body and mind. If your doctor has given you workouts to run through a couple of times a day make sure you are blocking out some time to do them. Don’t overwork your body but use what downtime you have in the day to focus on your exercises.

Get Things Done

If you can we suggest continuing to attend your doctor’s appointments while they are open. Some offices are implementing telemedicine which is another way to still have your appointments virtually. While everyone is home, now is the perfect opportunity to declutter and organize spaces in your house. Start thinking of home improvement projects that you can do during this time. Have your family help bond during this time working together to achieve common goals. Maybe interact your kids by playing clean up games!

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