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Injuries in Alpharetta Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries in Alpharetta Motorcycle Accidents

The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic, if not fatal. If a motorcyclist suffers harm due to another person’s actions, they could hold the negligent party accountable for damages. However, it may be difficult to successfully bring a claim without dedicated legal support.

If you or a loved one was recently involved in a motorcycle accident, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss a strategy for recovering damages. To learn more about the financial compensation you could receive for injuries in Alpharetta motorcycle accidents, call today.

Establishing Liability for Injuries in a Motorcycle Collision

Under § 51-12-33(g) of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.), a person may be barred from recovering any damages if they are 50 percent or more at fault for their own injuries. A person who is less than 50 percent to blame may still recover damages, but their award will be reduced by an amount that reflects their percentage of fault.

As such, it is crucial to work with a skilled Alpharetta attorney who could contest liability for injuries in motorcycle crashes. Arguing these types of cases can be difficult to do alone, especially while recovering from severe harm. With assistance from a seasoned lawyer who focuses on motorcycle accident injury cases, an injured party could maximize their potential damages award by proving their limited liability for the wreck.

Common Injuries in Alpharetta Motorbike Crashes

In Alpharetta, there are several types of injuries that are commonly seen in motorcycle collisions. Some of the most frequent injuries resulting from biking crashes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Internal injuries (e.g., internal bleeding, organ tissue damage, etc.)
  • Skeletal fractures and sprains
  • Traumatic spinal cord injuries (e.g., paralysis)
  • Cranial trauma (e.g., traumatic brain injuries)
  • Severe abrasions and contusions
  • Neck injuries (e.g., whiplash)
  • Back injuries
  • Hip and pelvic injuries

Regardless of the type or extent of damage a person suffers in a motorcycle wreck, they could pursue monetary damages if their injuries were caused by another person’s negligence. Potentially negligent parties could be another motorist, if the injuries occurred in a traffic collision, or even the bike manufacturer, if the accident resulted from a defective part. For assistance with effectively filing a claim for damages, injured victims should get in contact with a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in the area.

Call an Alpharetta Attorney to Recover from Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can cause severely damaging and even permanent injuries. In addition to suffering severe physical harm in a motorcycle crash, a victim may experience other emotional, mental, or financial losses as they attempt to recover and move forward with their life.

If you or a family member were seriously injured in a recent motorcycle accident and suffered substantial losses as a result, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation from the at-fault party. Speak to a dedicated lawyer about recovering damages for injuries in Alpharetta motorcycle accidents. Our experienced legal team could provide more information on filing and pursuing a strong claim to obtain the compensation you need. Call us today for a free consultation about your situation.

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