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New Georgia Executive Order: “No Drivers Road Test to Get License” & How Teens Can Get Through System Without Parent Consent

New Georgia Executive Order: “No Drivers Road Test to Get License” & How Teens Can Get Through System Without Parent Consent

Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp shocked many people with his new executive order to temporarily suspend previously mandatory road tests to get a license. The order was signed on April 23, 2020 and waived the requirement of automobile road tests until the State of Emergency is lifted.  Typically, Georgians have to pass a written and road test to obtain a driver’s license, so this news was shocking. However, it is still a requirement for teens with Learner’s Permits to complete a written online test before being granted a registered license.

For those who still want to take a road test, teens can a third party Department of Driver Services approved driver training school. Teens who are 16-year-old and who have a learner’s permit can upgrade to a registered license “with parent or guardian approval” signing off that the teen has completed 40 supervised hours of driving.

Unfortunately, we did a little digging and found out that it is easy for teenagers to manipulate the online system and get their driver’s license without parent authorization. The online assessment just needs a parent signature, which any teen can do for themselves without any parent involvement.

With the road test being suspended until further notice we encourage parents to perform a driving test of their own to make sure their teenagers are ready to hit the road. It is frightening to think that there will be teens the road, that could have little to no experience driving on their own.

Police in the area are noticing a major increase in the amount of speeding tickets and for reckless driving with young drivers. It’s even more likely teens will be on the roads since they are out of school for the summer, so the joyrides are starting to begin. We urge everyone to be extra alert and aware of their surrounding while driving. New drivers’ unfamiliarity with the road and laws can become extremely dangerous for everyone on the road.

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