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Side-Impact Car Accidents in Suwanee

Side-Impact Car Accidents in Suwanee

Side-impact vehicle collisions, also known as angle-impact crashes or T-bones, usually happen at intersections when a vehicle fails to yield. According to National Safety Council data, these crashes kill more people than any other type of two-vehicle incident.

A negligent driver might owe you damages if you were injured in a side-impact car accident in Suwanee. Fortunately, a proactive car accident lawyer could oversee the lawsuit process and help ensure that you receive adequate compensation.

Common Side-Impact Collision Injuries

The side panels are usually the least durable section of a vehicle. Even though many newer car models come equipped with side-impact airbags, T-bone collisions still often result in severe injuries. A disparity in size and weight between two vehicles could make a crash even worse.

Side-impact crashes often occur at considerable speed since they happen when a driver fails to stop at an intersection. The force of impact and the flimsiness of a car’s side panels often combine to create a dangerous situation.

Examples of common T-bone related injuries include:

Survivors of a T-Bone accident might require costly medical treatment or long-term physical therapy to recover from their wounds. An experienced lawyer could help an injured claimant in Suwanee pursue sufficient damages to reimburse the expenses caused by their side-impact collision.

Who is Responsible for a T-Bone Accident?

In most circumstances, the motorist who failed to stop at an intersection is the only one responsible for the incident. In these situations, state law requires the guilty motorist to reimburse an injured driver for their expenses. The state also requires all drivers to purchase liability insurance coverage. In most side-impact incident cases, the insurance provider of the driver who caused the wreck will pay for the losses of others.

However, sometimes both the plaintiff and defendant engaged in negligent behavior like speeding or using their phones while navigating. In these situations, a judge will split liability between parties. This division might lessen a claimant’s damages.

When both drivers bear some responsibility for an incident, Georgia law holds each individual accountable for the percentage of damages they caused. An injured person who only is 25 percent guilty for a T-bone accident, for example, could collect 75 percent of the relevant damages. The defendant would retain a small portion. If a negligent driver is more than 50 percent responsible for the collision, the plaintiff can collect 100 percent of the case’s damages.

Determining negligence and responsibility in a side-impact car accident case can be complex. However, a dedicated legal representative in Suwanee could fight for a plaintiff’s rights and help them conclude exactly who is liable for the side-impact car accident.

Contact a Seasoned Attorney in Suwanee About Your Side-Impact Car Accident

T-Bone crashes are some of the most consistently dangerous traffic accidents. If a side-impact car accident in Suwanee left you with severe injuries and costly medical bills, you may be entitled to economic damages. A knowledgeable lawyer could negotiate with the negligent driver’s insurance provider to help earn you a fair settlem

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