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Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Suwanee

Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Suwanee

State laws require drivers to pay close attention to the road and avoid distractions while operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, many motorists convince themselves that they can drive safely while using their cell phones. This irresponsible behavior causes countless texting while driving car accidents in Suwanee. These incidents leave innocent people severely injured.

If a texting driver harmed you or a loved one, you should consider your legal options. A local car wreck attorney could outline your rights and explain how you could seek damages from the negligent party.

How Serious are Collisions Caused by Texting While Driving?

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving causes about 400,000 injuries and approximately 3000 deaths every year. Using a cell phone to text, read, or send emails is the most dangerous form of distracted driving.

NHTSA data indicates that older teenagers are the group of people most likely to text while driving, but other demographics are not far behind. Motorists of all ages engage in this negligent behavior daily.

Drivers who text typically get into single-vehicle crashes, but they also frequently collide with other automobiles, pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcycle riders. Anyone in Suwanee who was struck by a texting motorist should consult a compassionate attorney about their next steps.

Is Texting While Driving Illegal in Suwanee?

State law strictly prohibits motorists from engaging in any activity that distracts them from the road. This law applies to eating, reading, or any other action that might divert a driver’s attention - not just cell phone use.

In 2018, Georgia’s Hands-Free Law went into effect. This statute bars drivers from using an electronic device that contacts their body and forbids motorists from engaging in any form of text-based communication while behind the wheel. The law also bans vehicle owners from watching, creating, or broadcasting video while driving.

A first offense of this statute carries a $50 fine and results in one point on the offender’s driving license. Penalties increase up to a $150 fine and three points for a third offense.

These laws automatically label any driver in Suwanee who gets into an accident while using an electronic device as negligent. A clever legal representative could recognize when a defendant’s breach of the law caused a texting while driving accident.

Damages Available After a Texting Motorist Causes a Collision

In Georgia, the insurance provider of a guilty driver pays the damages of anyone who suffered losses in a texting while driving vehicle accident. If the at-fault motorist’s coverage limits are insufficient to reimburse a victim’s losses, the driver can be held personally liable.

If an injured motorist in Suwanee files a lawsuit against a texting driver, potential damages include:

  • Compensation for all past, current, and future medical costs
  • Reimbursement for lost wages or diminished future earnings
  • Repayment for non-economic setbacks like emotional suffering, physical pain, or diminished quality of life

If a driver demonstrated maliciousness or clear disregard for the safety of others, an injured claimant could seek additional punitive damages. These payments intend to punish a defendant for their careless conduct and are rare in vehicle crash cases. However, they might be applicable in a situation where a driver was texting and driving under the influence of alcohol.

A well-practiced attorney in Suwanee could conclude which type of damages apply to a plaintiff’s texting while driving case and help their client maximize a settlement.

Texting While Driving Car Accidents Require an Attorney in Suwanee

If you are trying to collect a fair settlement after a motor vehicle wreck, you might feel like the odds are stacked against you. In many cases, an insurance company’s representation will even fight to reduce the amount of money they pay you.

If you suffered injuries following a textin

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