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Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Suwanee

Like most other states, Georgia strictly prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol and punishes drivers severely for doing so. Despite these harsh consequences, motorists continually decide to operate vehicles after drinking. Drunk driving car accidents in Suwanee injure many innocent people and causing numerous fatalities every year.

If you were wounded by the malicious and reckless conduct of another driver, you could pursue substantial monetary damages to help you recover from your physical and emotional suffering. A compassionate vehicle incident attorney could help you navigate the aftermath of a traumatic car collision.

Civil Action after a DUI Collision

A drunk driver could be immediately arrested and prosecuted after they cause a collision. It is important for the survivor of a drunk driving accident to understand that these criminal proceedings are completely isolated from the filing of a civil claim. A plaintiff is entitled to file a separate personal injury lawsuit that is not related to the criminal investigation.

When an injured person acts against a drunk driver in court, they must clearly demonstrate that the defendant’s negligent actions caused the crash that wounded them. They do not need to prove carelessness beyond a reasonable doubt, but they must establish that a defendant’s conduct most likely caused the incident.

A dedicated attorney could help an injured person determine whether they have sufficient grounds for filing a civil case after they were involved in an intoxicated driving crash in Suwanee.

Evidence Used to Convey Negligence in Drunk Driving Injury Cases

After beginning the process of filing a claim, an injured person’s attorney must present concrete evidence that demonstrates the defendant was not operating their vehicle with due care. This could include police reports, credit card charges in a bar that imply intoxication, laboratory results, or witness accounts of the defendant drinking before the incident.

Any proof that a motorist was driving carelessly is useful in these claims. Other examples of relevant information include crash scene photos, surveillance footage, or cell phone records. It is important to note that a claimant only has to prove that a driver was navigating recklessly. They do not need to demonstrate that the defendant was drunk at the time of the collision.

An intelligent Suwanee lawyer with experience handling drunk driving crashes could help an injured driver assemble all the evidence necessary to bolster their case.

Enhanced Damages are Sometimes Available After Drunk Driving Crashes

A plaintiff in any car accident case could claim damages to compensate for their losses. These might include reimbursement for economic setbacks like medical treatment, rehabilitation, vehicle repair, and similar costs. Claimants can also frequently recover payments for non-economic obstacles like pain and suffering, emotional anguish, disability, or loss of consortium.

When an impaired driver causes an injury, extra damages might become relevant. For instance, the Official Code of Georgia 51-12-5.1 permits plaintiffs to seek enhanced or punitive damages if the behavior that caused their injury was especially egregious or malicious. The state of Georgia caps most punitive damages at $250,000, but this limit does not apply to drunk driving cases. A savvy legal representative could help convince a court to consider implementing enhanced damages.

Consult a Skilled Suwanee Attorney After a Drunk Driving Vehicle Wreck

If you are recovering from the fallout of a car crash, it might be difficult to determine your best next steps. The laws surrounding accident liability are complex and multifaceted.

If the negligent conduct of another motorist caused your drunk driving car accident in Suwanee, you might benefit from enlisting the help of an adaptable lawyer. Our legal team could compile evidence about your collision, demonstrate another person’s recklessness in court, and help you collect potentially enhanced reimbursement. Contact one of our team members today to learn more.