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The Roundabout Rules

The Roundabout Rules

Have you noticed how many roundabouts are popping up around your town? They are said to decrease overall traffic congestion by creating a better flow in movement while also improving driver safety. We investigated the effects of roundabouts and found that they do provide a safer driving experience for people while also accommodating pedestrians in the same ways. Studies have shown that injury crashes have been reduced by 75% at intersections where four-way stop signs previously were. They also reduce delay and improve overall traffic flow because there is no stopping required by drivers, only yielding. This is better than being stuck at a red light for upwards of 20 min while sitting in rush hour traffic.

Rules of the Roundabout:

  • Take it Slow! Slow down as you approach the roundabout, and yield to pedestrians.
  • Get into the Correct Lane. Pay attention to pavement markings and signage to ensure you're in the correct lane. Always use your signal.
  • Right or Straight? Stay in the outside lane.
  • Left or Straight? Stay in the inner lane.
  • Yield to Traffic in Both Lanesof oncoming traffic before entering the roundabout.
  • Do Not Stop or Change Lanes. Stay in your lane until you exit.

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