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What Will Happen To My Insurance Rates After An Accident?

insurance worker, rating a damashed car

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your insurance rates after being in an accident? Motor vehicle accidents can be daunting and devasting for all parties involved. Being the at fault driver in an accident is even more stressful. Also, most people aren’t properly educated on the insurance process after they’ve been injured in a car accident.

There are many factors that contribute to insurance rates after you have caused an accident. However, If you are not the at fault driver, your insurance rates will not change because you were not the actual cause of the accident. If you did cause the accident, more than likely your insurance rates will increase when your policy renews. On average, insurance rates typically increase about 26% to 33% after an accident which equates to $360 to $460 more each year, according to’s expert data analysis. Sometimes policies offer “accident forgiveness” for your first offense. Unfortunately, accident forgiveness has to be purchased ahead of time, not after the accident. Speak to our experienced legal team to learn about what happens to insurance rates after an accident.