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Did you or a loved one suffer injuries because of an aggressive dog? You should not have to pay the cost of your medical care, lost income, or non-economic damages like pain and suffering. You should also not have to stress about an insurance claim or lawsuit, so hire a Woodstock dog bite lawyer to fight for a fair financial recovery on your behalf.

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Why Should I Choose My Woodstock Dog Bite Lawyer from Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group?

You are the only one who can choose your lawyer, and we want you to choose correctly. There are many reasons to choose your Woodstock, GA, dog bite lawyer from Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group because:

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  • Our services extend beyond Atlanta: Though our name reads “Atlanta,” we serve many communities throughout Georgia. In fact, we have an office in Woodstock that will be a convenient headquarters for your dog bite case.
  • We are an award-winning legal team: Our attorneys have earned many accolades thanks to their hard work, innovative approach, and dedication to helping clients secure the compensation they deserve. You will recognize our above-and-beyond approach from the very beginning of your case.
  • We have helped many dog bite victims get fair compensation: Our experience representing dog bite victims should be a comfort when you hire Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group. We know the duties that dog owners have to protect others, the types of negligence that often lead to dog bites, and the steps in securing fair compensation for victims of that negligence. 
  • We don’t hesitate to take cases in Woodstock to trial: Our team vows to take every available measure that can lead to compensation for you. If liable parties do not meet our settlement demands and going to court seems to be the right decision, we will take your case to court.

Life is not what happens to you but what you do about it. A dog bite is an unfortunate event and can be devastating in many ways. However, you can respond by pursuing the justice you deserve. The Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group team wants to attain justice for you.

Our Fee Structure Eliminates the Stress from Dog Bite Lawsuits and Claims

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group is a client-first firm; our fee structure proves it. We use a contingency fee structure that means:

  • You pay our team no upfront or out-of-pocket compensation to hire your Woodstock dog bite lawyer
  • We pay for expert fees, filing fees, and other case-related costs
  • Our firm only receives a fee if we negotiate a settlement or obtain a judgment for you

We hope that, by taking the financial burden of your case off you, we can relieve some stress after a dog bite. Your attorney will have a direct incentive to secure as much compensation as possible for you, and we will work urgently to secure the settlement you deserve.

Recoverable Damages for Victims of Dog Bites in Woodstock

Dog bites are one of the leading causes of emergency room visits in the United States, and complications like infection can worsen an already traumatic situation. You may have many serious damages because of the dog that bit you, and those damages may include:

Emergency Treatment and Other Medical Services

You must get medical attention as soon as possible after the dog bite if you have not already, and you may need:

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  • Emergency department treatment
  • Imaging to diagnose internal injuries
  • Antibiotics
  • Wound care
  • Surgery
  • Other medical services and items

Your medical expenses may increase if you have complex injuries, suffer an infection, or face other circumstances that warrant extensive care.

Pain and Suffering

Being attacked by a dog can cause lasting trauma. The experience of the attack and the consequences of your injuries may both contribute to your pain and suffering, which can include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety, potentially including fear of dogs
  • Depression
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Lost quality of life
  • Lost sleep

Studies have noted the risk that dog bite victims will suffer PTSD, anxiety, and other types of pain and suffering. The details of your injuries and your unique response to the animal attack will be relevant as your lawyer values your pain and suffering.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Scarring and disfigurement can be included as pain and suffering, but it warrants its own mention. Serious dog attacks can cause severe scarring that:

  • Significantly alters the victim’s appearance
  • Substantially lowers the victim’s self-esteem
  • Requires cosmetic procedures
  • Harms the victim’s quality of life in a notable way

Your lawyer will work with qualified mental health professionals, surgeons, and any other party who has insight into your pain and suffering, including the consequences of scarring and disfigurement.

Lost Income 


If the effects of a dog bite change anything about your work, you may lose:

  • Income
  • Earning power
  • Opportunities to secure performance bonuses
  • Opportunities for promotions
  • Other professional benefits

Professional damages can be sudden and financially crushing when they result from an animal attack. Your lawyer will accurately calculate your damages and pursue compensation covering lost income and other harm.

Mental Health Services

You may need one or more treatments to address the psychological and emotional effects of a dog attack. A Woodstock dog bite lawyer will ensure you receive the necessary mental health treatment. Our team will then value the cost of your mental health services and pursue a fair financial recovery.


Scarring and other injuries from a dog bite can qualify as disabilities. Those with disabling injuries often require:

  • Lifelong medical care
  • Rehabilitation
  • An in-home caregiver
  • Long-term replacement of lost income
  • Medical equipment
  • Other expensive items and services

Disabilities can also cause pain and suffering throughout the time the individual is disabled. Your attorney will take a big-picture approach when valuing your damages to ensure they are seeking the sum you deserve.

Dog Bite Cases Can Warrant Large Settlements and Verdicts

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Serious injuries and complex psychological injuries can lead to large financial recoveries for dog bite victims. A Woodstock dog bite lawyer from our team will take a careful approach when valuing your case, as we must account for:

  • The specific injuries you have suffered
  • Any mental and emotional conditions you’re experiencing because of the dog bite
  • The direct financial cost of the dog bite
  • All other factors that are relevant to your financial recovery

Our attorneys rely on doctors, mental health professionals, and other qualified professionals when valuing the cost of clients’ bite-related damages. We will ensure that our settlement demands are accurate before we begin negotiating on your behalf.

How a Dog Bite Lawyer from Our Team Will Assist You

An attorney from our firm will provide full-service representation from the start of your case through the finish. We will take the entirety of your insurance claim or lawsuit off your hands, which should afford you time to focus on recovery.

Some of our primary responsibilities in leading your case will include:

Documenting How the Pet Owner Failed You

We will determine exactly why a dog was able to bite you. We may document negligence by the dog owner (or another liable party) using:

  • Photographs of scenes or items that indicate negligence, such as a broken fence
  • Eyewitness accounts of how the dog bit you
  • Video footage of the attack
  • Expert testimony about the dog bite
  • Any other evidence supporting your claim or lawsuit

Dog owners must take reasonable measures to foresee and prevent dog bites from occurring. It is likely that liable parties failed you in one or more ways, and we will document those failures.

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Our team will document all of the harm resulting from the dog bite, and we may use:

  • Photographs of punctures, scars, and other visible injuries related to the bite
  • Medical providers’ diagnoses of your injuries
  • All bite-related medical bills
  • Medical images of your injuries
  • Past income statements that help prove the value of your lost income
  • Any other documentation of your economic and non-economic damages

Our lawyers will build a highly detailed case that plainly shows the harm you’ve suffered due to an aggressive dog.

Calculating a Specific Case Value

Your dog bite attorney from Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group will calculate the exact amount of compensation you are entitled to. The amount of compensation we identify will reflect the following:

  • Damages you have already experienced (like the pain of being bitten)
  • Damages you are certain to experience in the future (like the cost of an upcoming surgery)
  • Damages you are likely to experience in the future (like pain and suffering that you are currently enduring)

We value both economic and non-economic damages. Our legal training allows us to accurately calculate damages without a clear financial cost (namely pain and suffering).

Negotiating a Settlement

Your Woodstock dog bite attorney will negotiate a settlement on your behalf. We prepare all useful case materials for settlement talks, including evidence of negligence and documentation of your damages.

Our team will lay out our case, counter any arguments we receive from insurers or other liable parties, and explain why our settlement demands are just. While both parties may need to negotiate (as in compromise), we will demand that you receive a fair financial recovery.

Going to Trial (If Necessary)

We will file the lawsuit on your behalf if you choose to sue those responsible for the dog bite. Liable parties may choose to settle once you file a lawsuit. In some cases, liable parties refuse to offer a fair settlement.

If you don’t receive the settlement you deserve, your attorney serving Woodstock will be ready to represent you at trial.

Managing Every Other Detail of Your Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

We want you to focus on recovering from physical injuries, the trauma of being bitten unexpectedly, and other important duties in your life. We enable you to do this by:

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  • Overseeing all strategy-related concerns
  • Drafting and filing all case-related paperwork
  • Keeping tabs on the insurance company (and ensuring your case is moving forward reasonably quickly)
  • Managing every other aspect of your case
  • Providing you regular updates so you aren’t worried about the status of your case

We are a detail-focused firm that wants to secure fair compensation for clients as soon as possible. You may appreciate this urgency, as we know you want to move forward from the dog bite as soon as possible.

What to Do While Our Firm Leads Your Case in Woodstock

You know that Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group will be on top of every detail of your case. Therefore, you should focus on:

Following Our Advice

Leave the legal and insurance concerns to us. We understand:

  • What strategies can work for specific clients
  • How to build strong cases with as few weak points as possible
  • How liable parties may try to violate dog bite victims’ rights (while attempting to shirk financial responsibility)
  • The many details that go into a successful dog bite claim or lawsuit

We will work to lead you and your case to success. You will have hired us for a good reason, and your lawyer will provide clear advice that you can easily follow.

Sticking to Your Recovery Plan

Caring for wounds, psychological trauma, and other bite-related injuries must be your top priority. While your attorney prepares your case and lobbies for fair compensation, make sure you are following the advice of your doctors and mental health service providers.

Avoiding Any Missteps That Could Negatively Affect Your Case

Saying the wrong thing to insurance representatives or taking the wrong action can significantly harm your case. Our team will help ensure you benefit your case and recovery in everything you do.

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