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Woodstock Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Did you or a loved one slip, fall, and suffer injuries in Woodstock? You should not have to pay the cost of someone else’s negligence.

A Woodstock slip and fall accident lawyer can determine who caused your fall and who must pay for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other damages you have experienced (or will experience).

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group works to bring negligent parties to justice on our client’s behalf, and slip and fall accidents are an important practice area for us. Call our team today for your free consultation about how we will fight for all the compensation you deserve.

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Why You Should Choose Your Woodstock Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer from Our Firm

Choosing a lawyer is a highly personal decision. Even so, we believe that our brand of representation appeals to every fall victim, as we have foundational principles that don’t waver (and that you’ll appreciate).

We believe that consistency is a key component of any effective law firm.

Our clients know what they are getting when they hire Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group because our non-negotiable principles include:

  • Be detail-oriented
  • Be accountable
  • Be compassionate
  • Be efficient
  • Be proactive

These are not marketing words. These are the foundation of our firm and traits you will find in your slip and fall lawyer and the rest of our team.

Have a Location in Woodstock

Our office on Towne Lake Parkway in Woodstock ensures you’ll have easy access to your lawyer and that we’ll have easy access to all case-related locations.

All things being equal, you should hire an attorney who is nearby. We know Woodstock and its court system, and we are ready to serve you because we are already near you.

Have a History of Successfully Resolving Slip and Fall Accident Cases

Experience is one of our greatest assets for clients.

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Our team serving Woodstock:

  • Has handled slip and fall cases for many years
  • Has won many large financial recoveries through both settlements and jury verdicts
  • Are comfortable no matter what path your case takes

Our background with slip and fall accident cases in Georgia (and specifically Woodstock) should make you confident in choosing Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group for your case.

Will Get to Work Today (and Won’t Stop Until We Secure a Resolution)

Because we are in Woodstock and have multiple lawyers on staff, we can start working on your case today. However, we must first complete your free consultation, which comes with no costs or obligations to hire our firm.

Will Spare No Expense When Building Your Case

Our firm’s reputation is winning, and that will be our greatest concern as we lead your case.

We do not pinch pennies when building cases, as we:

  • Often hire experts to testify about clients’ damages 
  • Hire experts to reconstruct slip and fall accidents and determine the cause of those accidents
  • Take any other measures that can improve our clients’ cases and chances of receiving fair compensation

Your best interests are our greatest interest. Trust a Woodstock slip and fall accident lawyer from Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group to do your case justice.

How Our Team in Woodstock Will Build Your Case

As a full-service law firm intent on helping clients heal, you should expect us to handle every detail of your claim or lawsuit.

We generally build successful slip and fall accident cases by:

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group Attorneys Jennifer
  • Gathering evidence of negligence right away: We will document the cause of your fall, which may likely involve negligence by a property owner. Your attorney in Woodstock will secure any photographs, video, witness accounts, and other evidence that benefits your case.
  • Identifying all liable parties: Property owners are often the most likely defendants in slip and fall cases but may not be solely liable (or liable at all). For instance, the manufacturer of defective flooring can be liable. We will identify every party who owes you compensation for fall-related damages.
  • Obtaining proof of your damages: We must prove how your fall has negatively affected you. X-rays, brain scans, medical bills, past employment records, and other documentation can be pivotal in securing the money you are entitled to.
  • Calculating our settlement demands: We don’t enter settlement negotiations until we are completely sure how much money you deserve. Though we are deliberate in making sure we capture every damage, we are urgent in forming our settlement demands. We know you want to move forward, and we want to secure compensation as soon as possible.
  • Negotiating for you: Negotiating with liable parties is a high-stakes feat. We will handle negotiations for you. This way, you won’t have to lose sleep or worry about making a mistake that can compromise your case. Let our experienced slip and fall accident lawyers fight for the compensation you are entitled to.
  • Filing any necessary lawsuit: We may reach a point where liable parties simply refuse to pay what you deserve. If this occurs, we will discuss a lawsuit with you.
  • Going to trial, if it’s right for you: If you decide to file a lawsuit in Woodstock and we still can’t negotiate the settlement you deserve, the trial may be next. We will provide all the necessary information about the trial so you can make an informed decision.

While most cases ultimately settle, we merely do what is best for the client. We will enter your case with a sound, personalized strategy. However, if you want to go to trial, we will have that conversation with you.

We Don’t Hesitate to Take Slip and Fall Cases to Trial

In 2020, more than 3 million fall victims required emergency medical care, and we know this figure only captures a small portion of the population. Whenever serious injuries result from falls, there is a significant chance the injured party deserves a large financial recovery.

Attorney Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert SuperLawyers 2022 Award

Liable parties do not always volunteer fair settlements to fall victims. For this reason, our Woodstock slip and fall accident lawyers prepare each case like a trial is coming.

We will:

  • Review settlement offers with you in real-time, explaining whether we believe the offer is fair (or whether we should keep fighting for a better deal)
  • Explain whether we believe liable parties don’t intend to offer a fair settlement
  • Discuss what going to trial can mean for you
  • Lead any trial you choose to pursue

Our trial-tested roster of attorneys always does what our clients need us to, including fighting for compensation in court.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group?

You will face no direct cost when you hire your Woodstock slip and fall accident lawyer from Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group.

Thanks to our contingency fee structure, you:

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert - Owner & Attorney
  • Pay nothing upfront: We ask for no upfront compensation from you. We know you are likely under financial stress because of your slip and fall, and we have the resources necessary to start and finish your case without you paying.
  • Allow us to cover case costs: Whether it is a premises liability expert reconstructing your fall, a doctor explaining what treatment you need in the future, or a filing fee, we will cover all services and fees. We know these are necessary investments for any winning case, so we don’t mind bearing the upfront cost of your claim or lawsuit.
  • Know your lawyer is paid for performance: Our fee comes from any settlement or judgment we obtain for you. In other words, we receive payment based on whether we secure the compensation you deserve. You pay your lawyer to deliver results and that should make you feel better about hiring them.
  • Don’t have to stress about hiring a lawyer: Because our firm covers the direct cost of your case (and the financial risk associated with it), you don’t have to wring your hands about whether to hire a lawyer. We make the decision easy for you.

Because our financial recovery comes as a percentage of your financial recovery, we have immense incentive to secure as much compensation for you. Just as importantly, you know you won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket costs, no matter the outcome of your case.

The High Cost of Slip and Fall Accidents 

As attorneys, we derive pride and satisfaction from helping victims of negligence obtain much-needed compensation. However, we also see the high price falls and other preventable accidents take on victims like you.

We will identify each of your recoverable damages, which may include:

  • Pain and suffering, which may include immediate and long-term physical pain, lost quality of life, anxiety, depression, and other emotional and psychological problems
  • Medical expenses, including the cost of any ambulance transport, diagnostic imaging, surgery, hospital services, and other medical care you require because of the fall
  • Professional damages, which can include lost income, diminished earning capacity, lost chances to earn bonuses and other performance incentives, and the permanent loss of your career
  • The effects of being disabled, which may include substantial pain and suffering, medical equipment costs, permanent loss of income, the cost of a disability-friendly vehicle, and several other economic and non-economic damages
  • Mental health services, which may include counseling, medication, and any other treatment you need because of a fall in Woodstock

One out of five falls causes a severe injury, and our firm is there when injured victims choose to pursue fair compensation. Whether you hit your head, broke a bone, or suffered other health problems because of your fall, we will fight hard for the settlement or judgment you are entitled to.

We Represent Clients in Woodstock Affected by Fatal Falls

While some people are particularly prone to serious fall-related injuries, anyone can die in a bad fall. This is especially true if someone strikes their head during the fall.

Our firm offers its heartfelt condolences if you have lost a loved one because of fall-related injuries.

We want to do our part in getting justice for you, and other affected loved ones, who may deserve compensation for:

  • Funeral costs
  • Burial costs
  • Loss of spousal companionship and other non-economic benefits the decedent provided
  • Pain and suffering, including but not limited to grief
  • Loss of the decedent’s income
  • Loss of the decedent’s contributions to their household

Everyone offers different forms of support and benefits to their loved ones. We will learn who the decedent was and build a case in their memory.

I’ve Fallen and Suffered Injuries. What Steps Should I Take Now?

If you suffered injuries in a fall and aren’t sure what to do next, consider:

Getting All the Medical Attention You Need

You may have already received some medical attention, but consider:

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  • Whether you have aches, pains, or other symptoms for which you have yet to receive a specific diagnosis
  • Whether you underwent X-rays or other medical imaging that can show the specific nature of your injury
  • Whether you received a detailed treatment plan
  • If seeking additional medical care can benefit your health or your case

An experienced attorney from our team can also help you determine if further treatment can benefit you.

Hire a Woodstock Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is always a time-sensitive priority because:

Awarded Top 40 Under 40 by The National Trial Lawyer in Atlanta, GA.
  • Insurance claims may have various deadlines
  • You may need to report your injuries to certain authorities
  • Statutes of limitations generally require you to file lawsuits within a specific timeframe
  • Several types of valuable evidence may not be available for much longer

You should also want to secure compensation as soon as possible. This may enable you to get all the treatment you need and move forward with your life without delay.

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Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyer
Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert, Woodstock Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

The Woodstock slip and fall accident lawyers at Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group are passionate, experienced, and dedicated to serving our clients. Our Woodstock personal injury lawyers will waste no time building your case and fighting for every dollar you deserve.

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