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Front-End Car Accidents in Suwanee

Front-End Car Accidents in Suwanee

Head on collisions are some of the most frightening automotive incidents. At low speeds, survivors could be left with severe injuries, and at high speeds these collisions can be fatal.

If you suffered injuries in a front-end car accident in Suwanee, you might entitled to compensation that can help you recover from your setbacks. A local car accident lawyer could explain the complex rules governing auto accident liability and guide you as you pursue damages for your losses.

Causes of Front-End Collisions in Suwanee

If two vehicles collide head-on while both are moving, the negligent actions of one driver are likely responsible for the incident. A front-end wreck could occur if a motorist:

  • Does not realize they are in the wrong lane due to poor visibility
  • Slides into the wrong lane because of wet or icy roads
  • Loses consciousness because of a medical condition
  • Operates their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Speeds and loses control of their car
  • Navigates while looking at their phone
  • Passes other drivers recklessly

Most of these accident causes are clearly rooted in negligence. Driving too fast, staying on the road in dangerous conditions, or drinking while driving are all incredibly dangerous actions that could result in serious injury. Even the driver with a medical condition might be considered negligent if they knew their condition could lead to loss of consciousness. If a detail-oriented attorney in the area could prove that another driver’s carelessness caused a front-end vehicle collision, an injured person can pursue damages against the responsible party.

Head-On Wrecks Cause Life-Threatening Injuries

When two vehicles are involved in a head-on accident, one or both might overturn. If they do not flip over, their front ends could collapse and drive sharp objects into a passenger’s space. Even at low speeds, the percussive force of a wreck could be intense. Statistics compiled by the National Safety Council indicate that front-end collisions are the second most dangerous type of vehicle accidents. They cause numerous deaths and severe injuries every year.

Examples of common injuries suffered in head-on accidents include:

These kinds of injuries often require expensive medical treatment and result in substantial permanent impairment. The physical and mental costs of living with an injury that limits mobility, affects cognitive functioning, or impairs an individual’s ability to navigate daily life are high. A compassionate Suwanee attorney could help a person who was severely injured in a front-end car accident collect compensation for both economic and non-economic setbacks.

Comparative Fault in Severe Automobile Collisions

Under the state of Georgia’s legal framework, an at-fault driver or their insurance policy pays for the expenses of other people who were injured a crash.

However, Georgia’s comparative negligence policy complicates the issue of assigning blame. For instance, the Official Code of Georgia §51-11-7 establishes that wounded driver can collect damages if they were less than 51 percent responsible for an incident. The less liable they were for a collision, the more damages the court will award them. The amount of available compensation directly corresponds with one’s involvement in a wreck. If an injured victim is found 51 percent or more responsible for the collision, they may not be able to recover any damages at all.

Defense lawyers and insurance providers will often try to blame a head-on car collision on an injured person in order to reduce their client’s potential liability. A tenacious lawyer could fight against these manipulative tactics to help protect a claimant’s rights after a front-end car crash.

Trust an Experienced Attorney with Your Head-On Vehicle Wreck Claim

It can be difficult to determine what to do after a severe car accident. Anyone involved might be left with life-changing injuries and emotional trauma. However, seeking the counsel of a well-practiced legal representative could give a wounded person more freedom to rest and recover.3

A local lawyer might be a val

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