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Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

When an elderly Atlanta resident moves into a nursing home or assisted living facility, both they and their family members should be able to expect consistent and compassionate care for all their basic daily needs. Unfortunately, too many of these facilities in Georgia fail to meet these standards, instead subjecting their residents to inexcusable neglect and abuse.

If your elderly loved one is being mistreated by staff members or administrators in a full-time care facility, an Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyer could help you pursue civil litigation against the party or parties at fault. With guidance and support from a seasoned personal injury attorney, you could ensure that abuse and neglect is quickly put to a stop and seek appropriate compensation for any harm it has already caused. En Español

Common Types of Nursing Home Mistreatment

Mistreatment of nursing home residents can take a number of different forms, many of which can be unfortunately difficult for family members to notice. To make matters worse, many elderly victims of neglect or abuse have trouble effectively communicating what they are going through, whether due to shame, issues with cognitive function, or threats from abusive staff members.

Family members of nursing home residents should keep an eye out for any sudden and/or unexpected changes in a resident’s physical condition, such as bruises, contusions, problems with mobility, and bedsores. Depending on the circumstances, these may be indicative of physical abuse from nursing home staff members, or simply neglectful care that does not sufficiently protect residents from accidental injuries or nutrition deficiencies.

Likewise, uncharacteristic shifts in mood or behavior could be indicative of emotional or sexual abuse, as could noticeable discomfort around a particular staff member or administrator. In some cases, long-term care facility staff members have even been known to financially exploit residents through fraud and false representation. No matter what type of maltreatment a nursing home resident has suffered, a qualified Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney could help them and their family take action to stop it.

Recovering for Harm Caused by Abuse or Neglect

Since nursing home residents are typically retired or can no longer hold full-time employment, nursing home abuse cases rarely include much in the way of economic damages. If needed, plaintiffs could seek compensation for extra medical expenses and the effects of financial abuse, as well as for various losses suffered by family members if abuse leads to a resident’s premature death.

Most of the time, these claims instead center around the non-economic social and emotional damages a resident has suffered due to neglect or abuse. Non-economic damages a nursing home neglect lawyer could pursue on an Atlanta plaintiff’s behalf include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma
  • Physical pain

In particularly egregious cases, a plaintiff may be able to pursue punitive damages as well. However, as per Official Code of Georgia §51-12-5.1, these are typically limited to cases that involve intentional, widespread, and/or fraudulent misconduct.

While no one wants to imagine their loved one suffering any kind of mistreatment in a long-term care facility, abuse and neglect is all too common in many such facilities in the State of Georgia. Anyone who even suspects maltreatment in a nursing home or assisted living facilities should contact law enforcement authorities first and then speak with legal counsel as soon as possible afterwards.

In addition to ensuring future residents do not experience the same lack of care, an Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyer could work to pursue compensation on behalf of residents harmed by any kind of abuse or neglect. Talk to a qualified attorney to see how one could help in your circumstances.