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UPS Truck Accidents in Atlanta

The delivery trucks utilized by UPS are large, heavy, and often dangerous. These vehicles travel throughout the state to deliver parcels and while they do so, accidents can happen. When truck drivers are negligent in operating their tractor-trailers severe injury and even death may result. When you or your family are injured in these accidents, a personal injury lawsuit may win you the compensation you deserve.

Following a UPS truck accident in Atlanta, you deserve to have your case analyzed by a skilled attorney. Our firm is ready to help.

What is UPS?

United Postal Service, Inc., more commonly known as UPS, is a parcel delivery company. They operate throughout the United States and internationally, and utilize many tractor-trailers and other trucks to do so.

Due to the large number of trucks they use in their business, accidents can happen. When this is the case, UPS can be held responsible for the actions of their drivers in many circumstances.

Filing Suit Against UPS

Unlike other major delivery carriers such as Amazon or FedEx who utilize independent contractors to drive, UPS primarily hires its own employees to drive company trucks. This means that when a driver is negligent, UPS can be held directly responsible for the accident.

A personal injury lawsuit requires that an injured plaintiff prove that the driver of the tractor-trailer was negligent in their driving. Negligence occurs when a truck driver breaches a duty of care and that breach causes injury to another.

Analyzing a UPS Truck Accident for Negligence

To properly investigate a case, and determine where negligence occurred, significant experience is required in the personal injury legal field. UPS trucks are often equipped with special data collection devices that determine the truck’s speed, when brakes were applied, and much more. This black box can be a crucial part of establishing negligence in UPS truck accident cases. An experienced attorney knows how to seek this evidence and properly utilize it to prove negligence.

UPS truck drivers are highly regulated by state and federal law. Guidelines are imposed by law to limit the number of hours a driver may drive in a week, when breaks must be taken, and how much sleep a driver should have. If the company failed to ensure their drivers were following these laws, this may constitute negligence.

UPS Truck Maintenance

Another critical area where negligence can occur is in the maintenance of UPS vehicles. When a truck or tractor-trailer is not properly maintained, it can lead to devastating injuries following an accident. Federal laws govern how often a vehicle must be serviced, and failure to follow these rules can be strong evidence of negligence by UPS.

In some cases, it is not UPS’s failure to maintain the truck, but rather a defective part that caused the accident. When this is the case, the manufacturer of the defective part may also be included in the lawsuit. This commonly occurs in tire blowout situations, where the tire itself was defective.

Consult a UPS Truck Accident Attorney Today

Tractor-trailer and other truck accidents can lead to serious injuries or even death. Medical bills and other costs can quickly pile up, but the responsible party should pay these costs, not you.

If you were injured in a UPS truck accident in Atlanta, an experienced personal injury lawyer is here to help. Contact us today for a consultation.

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