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Side-Impact Car Accidents in Marietta

A side-impact collision is a common type of motor vehicle crash that can have serious consequences. The sides of a vehicle are relatively unprotected from an incoming force, and T-bone crashes often result in catastrophic injuries to the passengers or driver on the impacted side.

If another driver hit you, you could pursue financial compensation with help from a dedicated attorney. Work with a legal team that regularly handles side-impact car accidents in Marietta and knows how to fight for your best interests.

Common Injuries in Marietta Side-Impact Cases

Side-impact collisions, also referred to as T-bones, occur when one car hits another at a perpendicular angle. Without the rest of the vehicle to absorb any kinetic impact of the collision, the passengers are often severely impacted by the force. This can lead to many serious injuries, including but not limited to:

These injuries can be financially costly and emotionally traumatizing for those impacted, making it important for victims of side-impact crashes to seek legal counsel. A claim for compensation could be a crucial way of recovering from the incident and getting the resources necessary to move forward with one’s life.

What to Do after a T-Bone Collision

The aftermath of a side-impact crash can be quite severe. Unlike a rear-end or front-end collision, there is no vehicle frame that can crumple to protect the occupants. This means that passengers on the impacted side tend to suffer severe damage, especially in high-velocity situations. Even with the side airbags in modern vehicles, T-bone collisions remain particularly dangerous to passengers and drivers.

After an accident, a victim should seek medical attention immediately. This is an important step not only to preserve their health, but also to document their injuries for a potential claim. When possible, or with the help of others, the victim should also document as much about the crash as possible. Taking pictures, writing down witness names, requesting a police report, and taking notes about what occurred are all steps that can help out down the road.

Filing a Lawsuit for Side-Impact Crashes

Filing a personal injury lawsuit could help a plaintiff hurt in a side-impact collision recover monetary compensation for their injuries. A plaintiff should consult a skilled attorney in Marietta to discuss the facts of the T-bone accident and determine an effective strategy moving forward.

Approaching an attorney soon after the accident is important. In most cases, O.C.G.A. 9-3-33 requires a plaintiff to file their claim within two years of the date of the side-impact collision. Rare circumstances permit the extension of this deadline, and certain facts may even reduce the time limit for filing. An attorney with experienced handling side-impact car accidents can advise a Marietta resident on properly filing their claim.

Consult a Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney in Marietta

Side-impact car accidents in Marietta can cause many serious injuries that may cost you and your family a great deal of money, time, and suffering. A civil claim for damages could help compensate you and your family for these hardships. Let an experienced lawyer at our firm handle your case while you focus on healing. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.