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Suwanee Child Injury Lawyers

It is difficult to think clearly when your child is injured, especially when another person is at fault. You may have legal options for holding that person accountable, but it can be difficult to prove liability without help from an experienced attorney.

As such, parents should contact a Suwanee child injury lawyer to discuss their situation and learn their legal rights in pursuing recovery. Lawsuits can be difficult, especially in an already emotional and trying time. A compassionate legal advocate could help you and your family make the right decisions and work to seek justice for your child.

The Process of a Child Injury Lawsuit

When a lawsuit is filed, the defendant has legal rights to seek information about the plaintiff's injuries and accident. Fortunately, the child's role in a lawsuit is limited. A dedicated attorney at our Suwanee office could help protect the child throughout the legal process of recovering compensation for their injuries.

Written Discovery

A lawsuit includes the exchange of written discovery, which entitles the defendant to request information from the plaintiff regarding their injury, medical treatment, and the incident that caused the injury. Once a family has retained legal counsel, their attorney will ask the child for this information so that the child does not need to communicate directly with the adverse party.

The defendant is entitled to ask for all of the child's medical records pertaining to the injury in question. The defendant sends these requests to the plaintiff's attorney, and the plaintiff's attorney can contact the child's doctor directly to gather this information.


Georgia Code section §9-11-30 allows the defendant to depose all parties of the lawsuit. While a child is not a named party, they may be deposed because their injury is the basis of the lawsuit.

The child must answer questions from the defendant's attorney regarding their injuries, medical treatment, and what caused their injury. The child's parents and their attorney may be present during the deposition.

Once discovery is over, the child is not involved in the lawsuit unless it goes to trial. Should the lawsuit go to trial, the child may need to testify in the courtroom. Our knowledgeable child injury attorneys could further explain this process and help prepare a family if their case goes to Suwanee court.

Seeking Medical Treatment for Childhood Injuries in Suwanee

There are several reasons why an injured child should receive medical attention immediately after an accident. For one, immediate treatment could minimize the lasting effects of more severe injuries. Additionally, it is important for the child to receive medical treatment to show that they are entitled to damages. To recover damages, the plaintiff must prove the defendant caused the child's injuries, and the injury resulted in damages. A skilled local attorney could help a family compile medical records for their child’s treatment to build a strong case for recovery.

Seeking medical treatment is an important step in creating an effective civil claim against the at-fault party. Medical records are evidence of the child's losses resulting from the defendant's actions. It is important to document what injuries and symptoms the child experiences as a result of their accident.

Work with a Suwanee Child Injury Attorney

For the best chances of successfully holding a person accountable for their negligent behavior, work with a Suwanee child injury lawyer. When another person injures your child, it may be difficult to think reasonably. An attorney could help you make the right decisions and protect your family’s best interests.

Our firm is ready to help your family through this difficult time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your situation.