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UPS Truck Accidents in Suwanee

Today, UPS delivery trucks have a larger presence in the United States than ever before. More and more people fulfill their everyday needs by shopping from home, and delivery trucks are constantly driving through the city to keep up with these demands. Unfortunately, the increase in delivery vehicles on the roads also means that there are also more UPS truck accidents in Suwanee.

If you sustained injuries in a collision with a delivery truck, you could be entitled to receive compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial injuries. Reach out to the dedicated truck accident lawyers at our firm for advice on the best next steps to take in preserving your legal rights.

Who Bears Liability in a UPS Accident?

In most car crashes between two or more vehicles, the driver who caused the accident bears civil liability for any losses. However, in UPS trucking accidents, there is typically more than one legally responsible party. Potential defendants include the following.

UPS Driver

UPS assigns its drivers a certain number of deliveries to make each day. Many delivery drivers may be tempted to cut corners as they drive in order to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines. Consequently, many crashes occur because the delivery driver was speeding, driving recklessly, working too long without a break, or driving while distracted.

In many cases where a UPS truck accident occurred because of negligent or reckless driving errors, an injured victim can pursue a legal claim against the at-fault driver. A Suwanee attorney could help a person file for compensation from the driver’s insurance company and bring a civil claim against the UPS delivery driver.

Third Party Liability in a Delivery Truck Crash

Beyond the tractor-trailer driver, there are multiple other parties who could be liable for a delivery truck wreck. A skilled lawyer could investigate the crash to determine the cause and identify all potential defendants. These could include the truck manufacturer, if a faulty part contributed to the crash, or even the city agency in charge of maintaining the roads where the accident occurred.

UPS Liability for Delivery Truck Crashes

In a UPS tractor-trailer crash, the company itself may also bear liability for its driver’s negligence. Under the legal theory of vicarious liability, courts sometimes hold employers liable for the negligent actions of their employees if actions occur within the scope of the employee’s employment.

Responsibility to Train Delivery Drivers

UPS could also be legally responsible if the crash happened because of driver inexperience. Trucks require special training to operate, as they turn with a wider radius, take longer to come to a complete stop, and have larger blind spots. UPS has a responsibility to provide adequate training to their drivers so that they know how to safely maneuver large commercial vehicles through highway traffic and narrow city streets.

Assigning Realistic Delivery Routes

UPS also has a legal responsibility to assign realistic delivery routes. If they give their drivers too many deliveries to perform safely in a day, a court could hold UPS liable for creating an environment that led to the driver’s dangerous driving behaviors.

UPS Insurance Coverage

UPS vehicles generally carry much higher liability insurance coverages than passenger vehicles, so bringing a claim against UPS instead of just the delivery driver could result in a much larger settlement offer. Our seasoned Suwanee attorneys have experience negotiating with large delivery companies like UPS and could stand up for a truck accident victim.

Time Limitations for UPS Accident Claims in Suwanee

It is critical to speak with a nearby attorney as soon as possible after a UPS tractor-trailer crash. After a certain amount of time, people’s memories of the accident may begin to fade, and crucial evidence could be lost. Additionally, Georgia law generally requires claimants to file suits within two years of the date of a collision, as per Georgia Code Section 9-3-33.

Reach Out to a Suwanee Lawyer for UPS Truck Accidents

If you are suffering because a delivery truck driver hit you, you deserve compensation for your losses. Work with an attorney who has a proven track record of success handling UPS truck accidents in Suwanee. A knowledgeable lawyer could help you receive the financial recovery you need to get your life back on track, so reach out today to schedule an initial meeting.

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