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Suwanee Paralysis Injury Lawyers

Some of the most severe types of injuries are those that cause paralysis. This condition involves a loss of sensation and/or mobility in one or multiple parts of the body. As such, paralyzing injuries can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to work, enjoy hobbies, and resume their daily activities.

If you or a loved one become paralyzed due to another person's actions, you have a right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. Hiring a Suwanee paralysis injury lawyer could increase the chance of bringing a successful claim and recovering the full amount of damages you are entitled to. An experienced attorney could help accurately assess the value of your case and advise you through every step of the legal process for recovery.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

The type of paralysis a person suffers depends on where the spinal cord is damaged. Lower spinal injuries tend to result in paraplegia, while injuries to the neck may lead to quadriplegia.


Paraplegic victims experience reduced sensations in their torso and lower body. Generally, people with paraplegia can move their arms, neck, and head. Unfortunately, more severe paraplegia may result in some limitations in the upper torso.

Not all paraplegics lose feeling and mobility completely, and some may only have minimized sensation and movement. Additionally, those with mild paraplegia may experience tingling in their legs.


People with quadriplegia suffer complete loss of movement and/or feeling from the neck down. Over time, a quadriplegic person may regain some movement and/or feeling through intensive therapy, depending on the severity of their injury.

Injuries higher up the spine are more likely to result in permanent paralysis. Regardless of the type of paralysis injury, an experienced attorney at our Suwanee office could help a victim recover damages for their losses.

Recovering Damages for Paralyzing Injuries in Suwanee

A paralysis victim could be eligible to recover damages for their injuries stemming from another person’s negligent behavior. Additionally, the victim's spouse may be able to recover for damages if the paralysis impacts their life as well.

Damages for Paralysis Victims

An injured victim can recover compensation for all losses arising from their paralysis, including economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages typically include past and future medical expenses related to the injury, as well as lost wages and lost earning capacity due to paralysis.

Non-economic damages are meant to compensate the victim’s pain and suffering, as well as any loss of quality of life. A skilled local attorney could help a paralysis victim assess the value of their case by examining the full impact of their injuries.

Recovery for the Spouse of a Paralyzed Person

In a paralysis injury case, the spouse of the injured party may bring a claim for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium is meant to compensate the spouse for losing the injured person's services and physical and emotional support. The spouse may also recover for the loss of companionship, love, affection, and intimacy.

A spouse may seek damages for all the services their partner provided before their injury. These may include:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning the house
  • Running errands
  • Yardwork

Punitive Damages for Paralysis Accidents

Under Georgia Code §51-12-5.1, punitive damages are available in rare cases involving intentional or egregious behavior by the defendant. These damages are meant to punish the defendant and deter them from similar behavior in the future.

When a defendant acts with a conscious indifference for the consequences of their actions, they may be liable for punitive damages. An attorney who focuses on paralysis injury cases could help a Suwanee resident understand whether punitive damages may be available in their circumstances.

Speak with a Suwanee Paralysis Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one was paralyzed in an accident, you may be suffering from significant physical, emotional, and financial losses. As such, it is important to understand your legal rights if someone else caused your injuries.

A Suwanee paralysis injury lawyer could advise you on holding the at-fault person accountable and recovering comprehensive compensation for your losses. Call and schedule a case evaluation today to learn your options.