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Dangers For Children

Back to School Safety Tips

For many Georgia families, the beginning of August also means the beginning of the back-to-school season. There will be more...
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Invasion of the Birds: How Electric Scooters Are More Dangerous than Fun

While they haven’t been around long, electric scooters have caused mayhem to major cities around the country. Dozens of articles...
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Child Car Seat Safety Guidelines

Every 33-seconds a child 13 is involved in a collision. That is an alarming number, especially when you consider that...
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Back to School 2018: School Bus Safety Features

Approximately 25 million students across the U.S. take the bus to school every day. School buses are 70 times safer...
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Car Seat Guidelines

Every 33-seconds, one child under the age of 13 is involved in a collision. That is a frightening number, especially...
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Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group – Gore LLC’s January Newsletter is Now Available!

Read our “Collision Checklist," learn about the perils of using driver services to transport your child, see what's new with...
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Drivers Services and Children: Whether You Should Order your Child a Ride

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group - Gore LLC’s Series on Driver Services (For part one, “Driver Services and Insurance, click...
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