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Personal Injury

The Dangers of Driving Distracted

It only takes a few seconds for a driver to become distracted and crash. Five seconds could be the time...
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What Happens To Your Body In A Car Accident?

Not every car crash is the same, and this is best shown when some accidents result in minor injuries while...
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Invasion of the Birds: How Electric Scooters Are More Dangerous than Fun

While they haven’t been around long, electric scooters have caused mayhem to major cities around the country. Dozens of articles...
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What Are Effective Anti-Drowsy Driving Tactics? Myth vs. Fact

Wake up! Drowsy Driving Awareness Week is November 4th – 11th, and we are asking Georgia drivers to be awake...
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The Real Share in Rideshare

Rideshare companies, in addition to public transit, are paving the way for the elimination of personal vehicles altogether. Rideshare company...
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What You Need To Know: Georgia’s Hands-Free Distracted Driving Law

Beginning July 1st, Georgians will have to put down their phones while driving. That’s according to HB 673, the new...
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Metro Atlanta Hospitals Equipped for Collisions and Trauma

When people are involved in a vehicle collision, they often end up going to the hospital to be evaluated and...
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